Best Nursery Glider: The Complete Buying Guide

best nursery glider

`Rock-a-bye-baby…cradle and all.’ Now haven’t we all been put to sleep with the sonorous lyrics of this nursery rhyme, or perhaps sung our babies to sleep with its musical notes? It conjures the vision of a little one being swept into the world of dreams on a rocking chair. Little wonder then that since time immemorial a rocking chair has been deemed an integral part of a nursery, big or small! Their soothing back and forth motion is found to induce sleep in a little one, and while you’ll still find the old-fashioned kind of rocking chair available in the market, there are newer versions that come with some unique features that your little one is likely to adore. Renamed as the nursery glider, these contemporary designs are based on the same principle as the traditional chairs but are much more lavish and comfortable. Let’s check out what these new features are.


Top 4 best nursery glider review

Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider, Ecru 

Made of 100% Suede, the babyletto Madison Swivel Glider, Ecru, comes embedded with just the level of comfort you’d want a glider to provide you and your little one. Among the best features of this glider is the soft and spacious seat which you’d probably find ideal to cuddle your baby to sleep. Built to last, the Madison Swivel Glider comes packed with a whole lot of features which you’ll love unraveling one by one once you’ve brought it into the house.


  • Upholsteed by hand and designed for ultimate comfort
  • Solid metal base provides stability and sturdiness to the glider
  • Fabric is water and stain resistant, and hence likely to last years
  • 360 degrees swivel mechanism enables smooth gliding motion
  • Safety is ingrained as all materials are free of Formaldehyde and PBDE(S)


  • Rubber feet are uneven
  • Metal base makes noise when rocking
  • Construction quality is poor
  • Doesn’t have head rest

Stork Craft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman with Lumbar Pillow

As the name suggests, the Stork Craft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman comes with a Lumbar Pillow that’s likely to make it a prized possession, particularly for those of you who need extra comfort for their backs. This valuable addition enhances the appeal of this glider, which also has a spacious seating area that oozes peace and serenity.  It’s also quite easy to put together, and as easy to maintain and clean.


  • Arm cushions are filled with padded polyester for extra comfort
  • Stylish design, with 6 wooden finishes and 4 color combinations, to match the décor of any room
  • Metal ball bearings ensure smooth gliding movement
  • Storage pocket in cushions to keep story books etc
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Material is micro fiber and easy to clean


  • Quality of the materials is suspect
  • Tends to go back a bit too much while relaxing in it

Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman, White/Gray Chevron

If nothing else, the brand new chevron colored cushions added to the Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman should make it a glider worth exploring as an option to add to your child’s nursery. This new-look glider is designed to enhance the decor of virtually any room you may decide to use it in. Blending style with durablility, it promises a whole new world of comfort for you and your little one.


  • Has enclosed metal bearings for perfect rocking/gliding motion
  • Made of solid wood for long-lasting durability
  • Arm cushions are padded, with a storage pocket
  • Seat is large and spacious
  • Wide range of colors for padding and wood finishes to create magic in any nursery


  • Ottoman doesn’t have pull-out stool for resting your feet
  • Construction quality isn’t too good
  • Seat pad tends to wear thin after some time

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set, Espresso/Beige

With its Espresso/Beige color options, the Stork Craft Hoop Glider is an attractive option to consider while choosing the best nursery glider for your home. What adds to the appeal of this glider is its spacious seating area with padded arm cushions for outstanding comfort. The storage pocket is, of course, something that comes equipped with all Stork Craft gliders and is a feature that augments this glider’s appeal.


  • Smooth and effortless gliding movement is ensured with metal ball bearings
  • JPMA certification promises total safety
  • Easy to clean, hand washable back and seat cushions
  • Solid construction, with easy to assemble wooden pieces


  • Cushion bottom is somewhat hard
  • Tends to break after some use
  • Complaints of poor customer service


While the three Stork Craft gliders reviewed here do offer some great features, the babyletto Madison Swivel Glider does seem to come with some amazing advantages over them. For one, it provides ultimate comfort, thanks to the 100% suede fabric used to upholster it.  Not only is the material non-abrasive, it is also washable, and hence easy to maintain and clean, ensuring long-lasting comfort for you and your little one. To add to the list of advantages of the babyletto is the spaciousness of the seat, which is something that you’d surely want in a glider. One thing you can be almost sure of if you decide to buy the Madison Swivel Glider is that it’s not going to lose its clean visual appeal very quickly. The 360 degrees swivel mechanism is, of course, something else you and your baby are likely to fall in love with about this incredibly safe and secure glider.

How modern gliders differ from traditional rockers

As mentioned, when it comes to functionality and effect, a glider is a more enhanced version of the rocker. But as far as style and comfort is concerned, a glider is way superior. They tend to have comfortable padding that differentiates them from the wooden rockers of old. It’s not a mere plaything or a tool to put your baby to sleep but is, in fact, possibly the most comfortable place for you to feed your child or even read to him/her. What augments the comfort level of a glider is that it usually comes with an ottoman to match, allowing you to give your feet a much-needed rest. So elegant are most of the modern gliders that you’ll often find them ending up in the study or even the living room of your house.

Some more differentiators

So is the comfort level the only major difference between a traditional rocker and a modern glider? Not really. There’s a distinct difference in the movement of the two. Unlike a rocker, a glider doesn’t rock to and fro, but simply slides back and forth on a stationary track. And since the track is not rounded and is fixed to the floor, a glider doesn’t carry the risk of squashing your toes, or those of your child. Now aren’t you already loving the sound of it?

Things to check out before buying a nursery glider

Now before you spend your hard-earned money on a glider, it’s important to check out the key features and see what suits you, and your baby, the best.
Size: To begin with, it’s important to get a nursery glider of the right size, in order to ensure total comfort. Your glider should have good support for your back and head, and should be designed in such as way as to allow your feet to touch the floor at a comfortable angle. Talking of comfort, please do ensure that the armrests are wide and well padded, as otherwise you’ll soon start feeling excessively tired and even aching in some places.

Stability: Then there’s also the stability factor which you need to take into account. Go for a nursery glider that’s sturdily built, with no sharp edges or small exposed parts to hurt your little one. A cheaper but flimsy product is not going to be of much use in the long run.

Versatility: To make sure that the glider is going to be there for you for a long time, choose one that’s versatile and can easily be adapted to other uses once your kid has outgrown it. You may find it comfortable enough to have a place in your study or even your lounge.

Ease of cleaning: Finally, even the best nursery glider may not be good enough for you if it’s not easy to clean, and also to maintain.

Swivel and recling: A good swivel is, of course, a given, so you’d do well to check out the variety of reclining positions the glider offers. And if you want your glider to behave like the rocker you had in your nursery as a child, then the best option is to choose one with a 360 degree swivel.

Some more buying guidelines

Since gliders come at quite a price, it’s important to do a thorough job of checking out the details before taking the final plunge when it comes to buying one. Even as you go about inspecting things like the back, the head and the armrests, nothing beats actually sitting in the glider to find out how comfortable it is. Does the glider fit you in well and proper? If no, it probably isn’t the thing for you. Go for something in which you can really spread yourself, so to say.

Springs are a must: Spaciousness is one thing you’d definitely need, what with a baby in your arms and perhaps even a nursing pillow to help. Also, look out for the springs under the seat. Without springs, the seat simply won’t give you the comfortable bounce you’re expecting from your glider.

Go for dark colors: Another thing you may like to examine is the color scheme of the glider. Dark colors are your best bet because with your little one to keep you company, the glider is sure to get dirty pretty quickly otherwise.

Safety lock is important: And last but not the least is the safety mechanism of the glider, which is generally ensured with a good locking mechanism. It’s best to go for a glider with a lock, unless you want to glide away while feeding your baby.

Benefits of a nursery glider

Now that you’ve finally purchased what you think is the ultimate glider for your baby’s nursery, you’re probably wondering whether it was really worth the expense. No need to worry on this count because one of the best features of a good glider is that it can be easily moved around the house, without compromising on comfort and functionality. For instance, you can as easily carry the glider, as well as your baby, outside on the lawns on a nice and warm day. And the fact that it’ll last you through years is an added bonus. As long as you take good care of it, a nursery glider is something that can survive generations and you might see your son or daughter passing it on to their offspring.

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